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Subscription Help

What is a subscription?

A subscription is a repeat order which allows us to deliver products at regular intervals as chosen by you.

For example, you want to purchase some vitamins, and there are 60 tablets or capsules in a tub, which provide 1 months supply. If you set up a subscription to repeat every 1 month, then you don't need to remember to order them each and every time you run out. We will deliver them to your door just as you need them.

We also offer a discount on subscription purchases as a thank you for your continued commitment to us.

Note: Read the next section How do I set up a subscription? for more information.

How do I set up a subscription?

Although we describe it as "setting up a subscription", the process is the same as placing a regular order.

Find the product you would like to purchase and choose the appropriate options for pack size and frequency (e.g. 60 Capsules / Every 1 Month). Then click "Add to Cart" and checkout when you're ready. That's it!

Note: You can order any combination of subscription and non-subscription products. Multiple subscription products will be manageable separately and will repeat individually as specified.

How do I view my current subscriptions?

If you have placed a subscription order, you can view and manage your subscriptions from your account. To view your subscriptions, log in to "Your Account" and click on "Your Subscriptions".

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Note: If you would like to make changes to your subscription, please read the next section How do I change my subscription? for more information.

How do I change my subscription?

Through your account, you are able to pause, resume and cancel your subscription.

Please see the Account section, How do I change my subscription for more information.

What if you're out of stock when my subscription is due?

Although we try our best to avoid it, occasionally we might find that we're out of stock when your subscription is due.

When this happens, our system will automatically try and trigger your subscription over the next 3 days. This is in case another customer's order is cancelled and stock has been returned to our system, or we have received a new delivery of stock since your order was placed.

If we are still unable to fulfil your order after 3 attempts, your subscription will be placed "On Hold" and no order will be created for this subscription period. We will contact you to let you know when we expect stock to arrive or offer alternative options.

If you choose to wait for stock to arrive, we will resume your subscription and process your order as normal once the stock is available.

Note: Your next order date is calculated 1, 2 or 3 months from the date of the last successful order (based on your subscription frequency). Be aware that if we have to wait for stock to arrive before we fulfil your order, your next subscription order may trigger on a different date than previous orders.

What if there's an issue with my subscription payment?

If we are unable to obtain payment for a subscription order, your subscription will be placed on hold and no additional subscription orders will be processed or dispatched.

You payment may have failed for any one of a number of reasons described in the Payment Help section, What if there's an issue with my payment?. There are also some payment issues related solely to subscription orders.

The payment type we use for subscriptions, as defined by payment providers and banks is called "REPEAT". We are aware that a number of bank accounts do not accept this payment method by default and it has to be enabled on a customer's account before it can be used. Unfortunately, this means after setting up a subscription and receiving your first order, your bank will not allow any future payments to be processed and we are forced to cancel your subscription.

Because your subscription cannot be altered after it has been created, unfortunately it means that if your payment card expires, you cannot update your card details for future subscriptions and you will need to cancel your subscription and create a new subscription order.

Please see the previous section, How do I change my subscription? for more information.